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Shipping and FAQ


We usually ship within one to two business days after you place your order and you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number as soon as your order is shipped.

What do I get with my order?

If you order any of our LuvALamps kits, you'll receive 30 LuvALamps pieces and a power cord. If you order mixed colors, you'll receive the same quantities of each color (10 pieces of each color for a mix of three colors or 15 pieces of each color for a mix of two colors).

Do LuvALamps kits come with bulbs installed?

Due to the complication and concern with shipping a light bulb we do not ship the lamps with bulbs. We do believe that it is easy for you to install the bulbs and we will be glad to help you install them.

Do all lamps have to be hung?

Depending on the shape, some lamps can stand upright. Such shapes include:

  • Spheres
  • Cubes
  • Barrel
  • Pineapples

What are the sizes of LuvALamps?

LuvALamps comes in three sizes:

What type of shapes could I make with LuvALamps?



Are LuvALamps safe?

Yes, LuvALamps are safe to use. All of LuvALamps are made form 100% recycled materials with a flammable retardant element added to ensure a high heat resistance. LuvALamps are not heat proof, so it is important to follow the directions very carefully and specifically.

How do I clean my LuvALamps?

LuvALamps do not collect a lot of dust. However, if you are needing to clean yours, please use a basic duster with no added chemicals or cleaners. Simply dust your lamp off and enjoy the lamp glow.

What kind of light bulb is recommended with my LuvALamps?

We recommend the following for light bulb use:

  • Incandescent bulbs – 40w bulb and under
  • CFL energy saving light bulb – 33w bulb and under
  • LED light bulb – 25w bulb and under

If you have any other questions please contact us.


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